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SDMA Solar feels privileged to be one of the pioneers in India in the field of solar energy for over long time through its pursuit on several fronts including research, technology, engineering, quality systems, services, capacity building and many other related areas.

It has also ensured high consistent performance levels and continuous up gradation in its mission to bring improved energy solutions to its customers and the community. As we grow, we strive to make the world a better place for the coming generations who can take this legacy further.

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Mr. Shridhar Sharma

Chairman of SDMA Sunrays

Future Aspects of Solar Energy

The solar industry is constantly innovating, with new technologies being developed all the time. Some of the most promising developments in solar technology include the use of nanomaterials to increase the efficiency of solar cells, the development of transparent solar panels that can be integrated into windows and other building materials, and the use of artificial intelligence to optimize the performance of solar systems

The use of solar energy is expected to continue to grow rapidly, with many countries setting ambitious targets for the deployment of solar power. As the price of solar technology continues to fall and the environmental benefits of solar energy become more widely recognized, it is likely that more and more individuals and businesses will turn to solar as a source of electricity.

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