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On Grid Solar Roof Top

solar rooftops not only offer an economical and clean alternative to conventional energy sources but also delivers reliability i.e., that independence from grid-based energy sources that are prone to load-shedding and other hindrances to a consistent quality of service. Solar rooftops that is looped back into the grid also helps consumers turn into micro-generators of power and thus lower the monthly energy bill consistently.

Although it is perfect for home owners, a grid tie system is also an effective solution for commercial/Industrial applications and showcases a company’s commitment to sustainability.Grid tie refers to a power system that generates electricity from a Solar PV array. A special inverter regulates and converts the energy generated into utility power requirement (Single/three phase output) the inverter syncs this power with the utility power and feedback to the utility grid.

Power systems specializes in custom-designed grid tie solar rooftop systems both with and without battery backup.This energy system does not consist of battery bank for storage of energy and is generally used in areas where the power is required only during daytime. This system cannot be used as a standalone unit.

Solutions Offered: – Solutions customized to suite site conditions from inverter capacities ranging from 1KW to 5KW on single phase and three phase system upwards 6KW.

How It Works?

Solar panel installation in Sikar an on-grid setup will continue to generate electricity throughout the day. With no backup for power interruptions, this power can either be used immediately or exported to the grid. The method uses the same amount of power from the electrical grid if it ever runs out. Therefore, under this scenario, a user will never run out of power. Similar to this, any surplus energy generated by the system is fed into the grid. An on-grid system has the benefit of giving the customer a credit on his electricity bill for the extra power he delivered to the grid. His electrical costs will consequently go down. Before establishing an on-grid solar system, always consider your home’s energy usage, solar potential, solar electricity needs, etc.

Solar panels receive light from the sun, which is used to produce power. With the aid of the inverter, this DC from the sun is transformed into AC, which is subsequently used by customers in their homes or any commercial establishment. Any solar system’s functions up to this point are identical. Beyond this is where the big distinction lies. There are two possible paths for the excess energy produced after the power that we consume:

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