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Off Grid Solar Roof Top

Being off-grid means the system works independently and the consumer is not connected to any utility’s power system. This system uses batteries to store generated solar power.Although off-grid systems are self-sustaining, they involve higher expenses as the consumer has to buy a battery pack, solar panels, grid box, inverter, charge controller, mounting structure and balance of systems.

The system is ideal for places that suffer frequent power outages. In rural and remote areas, off-grid solar systems can facilitate independent and sustainable electricity generation.

Power systems specializes in custom-designed grid tie solar rooftop systems both with and without battery backup.This energy system does not consist of battery bank for storage of energy and is generally used in areas where the power is required only during daytime. This system cannot be used as a standalone unit.

Solutions Offered: – Solutions customized to suite site conditions from inverter capacities ranging from 1KW to 10KW on single phase and three phase systems upwards 10KW

How does an off grid solar system work?

Solar panels, solar inverters, batteries, and system balancing are the four key parts of an off-grid solar system. Solar panels use sunshine to produce DC current, which they then store in batteries. A charge controller is necessary if you wish to run DC applications (12V), such as fans and lights. As opposed to this, you require an inverter to convert DC voltage to AC voltage if you wish to use AC appliances (220V). All inverters today operate automatically, allowing the solar system’s electricity to immediately power appliances and charge batteries. Batteries can also directly power appliances in the event of a power outage.

What is Off-Grid Solar System (with Battery)?

Off-grid solar systems produce electricity when there is a power outage or at night since they have battery storage and a backup mechanism. Solar panels, an inverter, a battery, and system balancing are its four main parts. This solar system is more widely used because it has a power backup and functions off the grid.

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